Harold McGowen

President and CEO

Navidad Energy Partners, LLC

Harold McGowen is the President and CEO of Navidad Resources, LLC and more recently Navidad Energy Partners, LLC.  Harold has over twenty years of executive management and thirty years of technical experience in the upstream oil and gas industry.  At Navidad Resources, McGowen successfully led a multi-disciplinary team through the discovery and initial development of the Buda-Rose stacked, tight, fractured, carbonate play at the southern edge of the East Texas Basin.  Harold and his team unlocked the potential of this previously overlooked play through the innovative application of hydraulic stage fracking and commingling.  Harold developed a unique slick-water hydraulic acid-fracturing treatment that unlocked the productive potential of 1,400' of pay spread over 9 identifiable horizons.  Harold also lead his team to develop an Oil Based Mud Managed Pressure Drilling technique that was used to control sensitive shale intervals while minimizing mud losses in multiple fractured carbonate horizons.  Under Harold's leadership Navidad built a 90+ mile gathering system and installed two gas plants with a total capacity of over 32 MMCFD.  Navidad achieved gross production through the drill bit of about 5,700 BOE per day and a compounded annual revenue growth rate of over 200% and exited the play via a profitable auction in 2013.