Quantum Technological Development Corporation

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Quantum Technological Development Corporation is a software development company servicing primarily the oil and gas industry. We specialize in automating data transmission from the field to reach the Engineers in an efficient multi-platform format.


• Production Applications
• Software Development
• Mobile apps
• Integration


• Gaither Petroleum Corp.
• New Horizon Exploration, Inc.
• Innovative Energy Services
• Galloway Lone Star Energy
• Quantum Crude Oil Gathering & Marketing LLC.
• Direct DriveHead, Inc.


• Oil and Gas


“As Field Superintendent in the East Texas area for Gaither Petroleum Corporation, the software FIELDSHARK that we have been using has proven effective in helping us to streamline our operations. The application prompts our field personnel in each of their respective jobs and as a result has substantially reduced the amount of time required to input and transmit data for real time analysis. The app is very “Field Intuitive” and the data entry process event driven and simple. It has even been instructive in my training of new pumpers and other personnel. The best thing about it is you don’t have to be a computer guru to use it.”
> Jesse Watts

“We would like to applaud the development of FIELDSHARK that we use in Quitman Texas. The data integration accomplished through FIELDSHARK is seemless, providing immediately usable real time data for example we know instantly when a tank is ready for cleaning and maintenance and can plan jobs accordingly. The dispatch of the tanker truck to carry the oil to the refinery also is managed by the data received from FIELDSHARK and thus we have minimal down time and increased production. We look forward to the continued development of this app and whatever else QTDC may come up with.”
> Johnny Lawrence, www.innovativeenergyservices.com, H.S.E. Manager

“The FIELDSHARK app has been an invaluable tool to not only keep track of our daily production, but also allow us to monitor and track data in real time that, in the past, has been slow to obtain or inaccurate. The best part is that it is not a canned program, it is easily customized to my fields and my operation. Every special request that I need was completed quickly and allowed me to combine information into one location instead of piecing together from various sources. Once the data is input in the field, I can generate numerous reports that help monitor well conditions. I would highly recommend the application to anyone interested in obtaining “real” data from the field.”
> Eddie Rodarte, Sr. Petroleum Engineer, Gaither-Petroleum Corp.