DuPont Sustainable Solutions

P.O. Box 2915, Wilmington, DE 19805


Today, business success goes beyond the traditional financial bottom line. It is about conducting business in a way that creates value for employees, customers, business partners, communities and shareholders – all at the same time. It is an overall triple bottom line approach that measures a company’s human and environmental impact, as well as its financial results.

Through our collaborative, holistic consulting services and solutions-driven technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help solve some of your biggest challenges.

To help meet your sustainable growth goals, DuPont Sustainable Solutions offers world-class consulting services and process technology licensing and services. Our operational and cultural solutions to today’s most challenging business problems include:
1. Accelerating skills development through Learning and Development Solutions
2. Protecting value through Operational Risk Management
3. Extracting value through Operational Excellence
4. Creating value through Sustainability and Capital Growth
5. Improving profitability while meeting regulations with Clean Technologies


• Consulting services for employee safety, process safety management, contractor safety, operational excellence, sustainability, and learning & development
• Learning & Development tools like DVDs, e-learning, streaming videos
• Instructor-Led Training
• Safety and operational excellence workshops
• DuPont™ STOP™


• Oil and gas
• Utilities
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Chemicals
• Transportation
• Construction
• Aerospace