Midwest Access Solutions

Midwest Access Solutions installs and removes temporary roads, bridging, staging pads and rig site platforms.  We protect sensitive terrain and dramatically reduce reclamation costs.  Our in-house environmental and matting experts customize temporary roads to any environment and application while providing the most cost effective access solution.    We site prep, deliver, install, rent, remove, and restore!  Check us out at www.WeMat4U.com.  Our parent company, Sterling Lumber, is one of North America’s largest matting manufacturers/distributors.  Their innovation in Research and Development puts MAS in a very competitive position by offering our customers the luxury of not having to purchase matting.  The MAS rental program offers the latest and greatest matting options available with no major upfront capital expense.  Although purchasing will always be an available option, it’s no longer the only option.  Visit Sterling Lumber at www.SterlingLumber.com.






I just wanted to drop you a line about the work your team did for this job. We never had to wait for a response to our needs no matter if your guys where in the middle of something; in minutes you were there. Even when Foreman changed, there was hardly a skip in the beat of work to stay ahead of the construction of the line. All of your guy’s efforts have not gone un-noticed and is very much appreciated. Hope to work with you all again,


Forsythe, John R:(ComEd)


I wanted to send you a note about the L1809 project. As you guys know this project was executed in one of Com Ed’s most environmental sensitive areas known as the Endangered Hine’s Emerald Dragon Fly Area. This area is a very swampy wetland with thin soil over dolomite bedrock. This Dragon Fly habitat is about 3,000 acres along the Des Plaines River Valley the only other breeding sites known are in Door County Wisconsin, Missouri and northern Michigan.  I wanted to let you guys know that I was extremely impressed with your team from Day 1. You took the time to do your homework before attending meetings with our Environmental Consultants.  Your team was well versed about the area and the requirements. Your team asked all the right questions and executed this project flawlessly. We had a number of audits conducted on your team internally and externally by our environmental consultants to ensure you were compliment with all the state, local and governmental requirements to work in this area. There were no issues or deviations reported. I received a ton of positive feedback from the auditors and contractors. Your team had mats set up according to plan, never a day late. Your teams were out there assisting us with snow removal during each snow event without even having to call and ask for support.  I called Nathan after waking up and looking out my bedroom window with 2 feet of snow asking him to do snow removal, he told me he has had a crew on site for 4 hours and was about 50% complete. I can’t tell you how happy I was when he told me the crews were out there first thing in the morning.

Nathan was all over the execution of this project, we did not even experience 1 hour of delay by your team which is something I cannot say I have ever experienced by the competitors. On my last project I had a number of examples of delays caused by the matting competitor on my job. They had to relay mats because it was unsafe for the construction crews to stage their equipment.  That was not the case when working with Midwest Access Solutions. For me the most impressive was how level the mats where in the dragon fly area, I was able to drive my small little Harley truck with 22 inch rims on your mats without having any issues or without me freaking out that I would lose my front end. In conclusion, I just wanted to give your team a big fat thank you knocking it out of the park on this very sensitive and high profile project. I look forward to continue our relationship on the next project. 


Matthew Panszczyk
Principal Project Manager
Transmission Project Management

From Day one when Midwest was established we have worked very closely with them on projects with some very tight schedules.  Their services have proven to be very accommodating in our world of ever changing schedules and project hurdles.  Their pricing is very competitive, and response time is exceptional.  We look forward to the future of doing business together.


Joseph T. Mahoney
MJ Electric, LLC
Utility Division

I am looking to spread the word a bit more among our Building Division Superintendents and Project Managers with regard to the benefits and uses of the CLT Timber Matting. I know you currently have a site agreement with our project team at Wildwood School. I was on site last week and really liked what I saw for this specific site and its intended use. Well thought out plan and sequence. Thanks for the help with this. I want to know if you can email me a brochure that I can then turn around and distribute to our other project teams showing the Wildwood application and the benefits of the product. If you have Wildwood pics to send with the brochure that would be a plus, if not I will attach them when I forward the literature. I was at your presentation last month and liked the product. I also know we did not have even half of the Supers there that day to see the presentation first hand. Any questions, give me a call.

Thanks for the help.

Gerry Eble
Senior Superintendent

I appreciate everything MAS has done for Ameren to date, your work has been superb.  However, I just wanted to take time to say that we are now starting on the 2nd largest construction program in Ameren's history, the first being building our Nuclear Power Plant.  That being said, if there is anything that looks like an obstacle to you supporting this program, call me anytime and I will get it out of your way.

Thanks again,

Chuck Twellmann, Ameren