Variance Reduction International, Inc.


VARIANCE REDUCTION INTERNATIONAL, INC consulting services drive improvements in speed, quality, cost and flexibility while building the capability required for continuous improvement to achieve high performance and sustain competitive advantages for many organizations and businesses worldwide. VRI helps clients address strategic priorities and transform operations by removing waste and driving high-quality processes through the integration of the proven improvement methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma. Our consultants have the highest professional qualifications, not only are they all Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certified, but are also experts in their respective industry fields, whether in Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics or other service sectors.

VRI is a recognized market leader in process, operational and business transformation, and innovation, whose capabilities and offerings have formed the foundation of our company since 1999.  Our qualified professional consultants are all industry leaders in the execution of lean and six sigma. Together we have helped our clients’ structure and facilitate many multi-facetted LSS program deployments and have executed thousands of solutions with cumulated savings of over $2.35 billion.





At VRI, our consulting practice works with a diverse portfolio of global clients in multiple industry sectors. We work collaboratively, enhancing internal capabilities, applying innovative lean thinking, lean solutions and help build Lean Centres of Excellence that help our clients become high performance enterprises.

We take an end-to-end approach to address key business challenges, delivering outcomes not projects. Our proven lean strategic frameworks and leading cost reduction solutions, process innovation and growth through innovation helps create competitive advantages for all our clients. Our teams work in tandem with corporations on Lean Improvement initiatives so that they are aligned with businesses strategies, policies, mission, processes and organizational plans.


Deploying Lean Six Sigma

We believe in driving transformational, change management and sustainable lean solutions through the use of proven Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Incorporating tools that increase process speed, eliminate waste, reduce variation and improve overall stakeholder and customer satisfaction. We recognize that each organization is unique and implementing appropriate lean transformation programs can be a complex proposition.



VRI is proud to offer a full range of Lean Six Sigma courses, designed to teach students the essential tools needed to achieve real and lasting business improvements. All of our Lean Six Sigma consultants and trainers main objectives have been, and will continue to be, fulfilling the needs of our clients at any level of necessity. Each of our Lean Six Sigma experts are experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners and have accomplished many diverse and remarkable projects in multiple industry sectors.


We provide easy to comprehend and results-driven classroom training, one-on-one training, end-product focused management and project mentoring, customized workshops as well as specialized on-site training customization to meet the unique and explicit needs of our clients. Through our Lean Six Sigma program, participants will develop knowledge and lean skills through both in-class and applied projects within their own corporations. Our wide range of classes and workshops provide a roadmap for participants to continuously improve, identify and eliminate many wasteful corporate practices, ultimately resulting in an increase in overall competitive advantage.


Graduates from the VRI training programs will be able to apply Lean and Six Sigma techniques such as, map out their organization's value stream in order to identify improvement opportunities, improve processes and provide value-add to stakeholders and/or customers. Effective leadership and team building, essential to any successful lean six sigma implementation and delivery of continuous improvement are explored throughout the curriculum.


VRI training programs will allow each candidate, regardless of program to view Lean Six Sigma as a philosophy and to understand how and when to apply lean thinking and tools. Our varied curriculum is structured to allow participants maximum flexibility in obtaining and choosing the most appropriate and applicable training for the given need.


Mentoring and Coaching

Developing real internal capabilities is where the VRI Mentoring and Coaching Program(s) becomes a vital component for operational excellence. Experience has taught us that many corporations have discovered that their programs become lackluster in performance if they are not able to continuously hone, align, adapt and react with the latest and changing business priorities and objectives. We can help sustain and improve efforts to keep pace, be a relevant, and be the supportive force in the development of process improvement.


Many corporations understand the value and are interested in Lean Six Sigma but inherently struggle with dedicating internal resources to fully embrace and executive the value from initiating a Lean Six Sigma program. To meet this need VRI has helped can help corporations by deploying our experienced consultants on a short-term basis to kick-off or provide immediate support where the client resources are tightly constrained.


Facilitation of Lean Six Sigma

Our teams have experience in executing multiple lean projects over varying levels of complexity. VRI has the capacity to meet any client's number and/or size of projects, globally. Execution of the selected projects is closely facilitated by VRI to drill down to the true root causes of the problems and institute improvements that are pragmatic and sustainable.  Project and event execution includes ensuring that the project charter is well scoped, that business strategies and goals are aligned, leadership processes and governance policies are set up and followed, appropriate and innovative use, not only standard but advanced Lean Six Sigma tools are carried out, but team dynamics are managed, scorecards and performance metrics are well communicated and tracked, and a sustainable control phase is implemented.



  1. Chevron (Globally)
  2. -Eni
  3. Anadarko
  4. Aera Energy
  5. Devon Energy
  6. Cabinda Gulf Oil Company
  7. Occidental Petroleum
  8. Siemens
  9. Panalpina
  10. Nalco Champion


Scot Buell

"I have worked with VRI on three continents over the last 12 years.   VRI has consistently provided high-quality Lean Sigma instruction, project mentoring, and Master Black Belt services.  VRI's work has created business value and positive improvements."
R. Scot Buell, PE & SPEC


Hung Pham, Supervisory General Engineer
Department of the Army

"The training on Lean Six-Sigma that I received from VRI exceeded all of my expectations. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and connect well with the class. I particularly enjoyed the real-life examples from the instructor's own consulting experiences. The training itself is a total-immerson in Lean Six-Sigma methodology in a fast-paced, interesting learning process. I consider myself as having mastered all the tools and techniques of a Black Belt at the end of the program, thanks to the effective training that VRI delivered. More importantly, I believe that I speak for all other participants in the class, as they also achieved similar level of learning."

Stephen P. Turnipseed, Lean Sigma Advisor Base Business
Chevron Global Upstream

“VRI has supported our Lean Sigma program through on-site training and mentoring since we started our first program in year 2000. They understand oil field processes and are able to effectively integrate our company examples into their training material.”