Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort, Austin
November 8-10, 2015

One-on-One Research Meetings

“The set-up meetings were a very good approach, both participants were more likely to understand each other’s needs; sometimes the half an hour meeting seemed too short. There was lots of value gained at the UpTech Summit.”

Manager, Supply Management Major Projects, CNRL


A key element that makes the UpTech Summits so valuable for attendees are the one-on-one research meetings. This format presents the most targeted and time efficient medium to research the latest technology and innovation from leading oil and gas solution providers. The scheduled meetings maximize the efficiency of your time and allow for a more productive and relaxed meeting environment.

Each attendee has designated meeting blocks spread out over the conference. During these specified periods we will connect you with up to 10 different sponsors for a 20-25 minute meeting. The one-on-one meetings amount to 25% of your scheduled time at the overall event. The remaining 75% of your time is spent in networking functions, keynote presentations and breakout sessions.


How the one-on-one meetings are arranged? A simple process

When you register for UpTech we gather your company profile and personal job role information, including details of the technology and services you are interested in. We also collect a summary of your upcoming projects and initiatives over the next 12 to 18 months. Based on this detailed information the scheduling team will connect you with a diverse mixture of industry leading solution providers that are experts in your specific areas of interest.

We only want to connect you with exhibitors who are a good potential fit. To accomplish this we give you the option to select any exhibitors you would like to meet when registering. UpTech then builds you a meeting schedule by pairing you with companies that you have expressed an interest in, along with companies that have expressed an interest in presenting their solutions to you. At the meeting you'll be met by a senior level representative who has taken time to prepare for the conversation taking into account your upcoming projects and initiatives. It is simple, straight forward and effective